axel dielmann – verlag is an independent literary publishing house in Frankfurt / Germany. Since 1993 we have been publishing between 15 and 25 books every year: belles lettres, mostly by contemporary German-speaking writers but also translated from several languages and cultures. Our range of publications covers novels as well as volumes of poetry, small prose and essays, lately, in addition, some art books and books on cultural history. – The programme in general focuses on unusual unheard-of voices. In many cases, the books are published with the aid of sponsoring partners. For this purpose we introduced the book series ETIKETT, placing their logos right on the cover pages of the books.   

On this website you may have a look at our range of works and authors, keep yourself informed about our activities and presentations, broadly browse our complete programme and view the newly published books (please see right below). Although virtually you can not touch the fine paper our books are made of, nor see the brilliantly shining colours on our printed book covers, nor enjoy the subtle odour of our freshly bound volumes – you may order these books here instead, or simply contact us.