The history of a publishing house – like the history of any other company – is defined by successful cooperations.

First of all, in this respect, we are glad about the work with authors and booksellers, with whom we create books and make them available to our readers. There is another very important part of our history that we are very proud of. The work with our sponsor-partners and companies that we worked with in our series ETIKETT is a major part of our achievement in the 20 years of our publishing house. Together with various sponsors, we have published more than 40 books in our series ETIKETT. Some of the books listed below were inspired during the developing process for other sponsored books.

At this point we would like to thank all of our partner-companies and all the sponsors of the series ETIKETT: It is a sublime achievement that we have created numerous anthologies together, and that we have successfully published them together. We are especially proud of the many monographs amongst the titles. Thanks to the cooperatively coordinated PR and marketing effort, the history of the series ETIKETT is a history of success.

We would also like to thank all the various agencies that helped drafting the books and helped communicating with the artists. We are also grateful for anybody who helped organizing readings and other marketing events. You are part of our success.