»However sometime, like many other times in my life I stood up. I knew, that I had to change something. Even if Miriam's life was over, I eventually had to take charge of mine.«

Marianne Wullf, born straight after war's end in 1945, led a eventful life – and now she has written a unusually intrepid biography about her eventful life: About a childhood in the post-war era and without a father, a vicious long time in a unbearable girls' home, wild uprising years, wedding as 25 year-old, birth of the first child, the oppressive experience of a miscarriage after a big with fate accident, company foundations, frightening times during an developing multiple sclerosis ailment, parallel the support of the drug-addicted daughter's life of suffering, frustrating contentions about hefty heritages, death of the beloved daughter Miriam and the cumbersome time of straightening oneself.

»The past year showed me«, writes Mariann Wull after these cumulative calamities, »that something new can grow from every emptiness, that hope emerges from emptiness. Often I heard people say the following: When one door closes, another one opens. And they actually have a point there.«