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Here the authours and their books in press, radio and …

I would like to thank all our partners and colleagues in the media for their kind interest in the authors and books of my publishing house - without them, much of my program would not find its way to readers, thank you very much for all these inspirations of curiosity.

Birgit Böllinger and her Büro für Text und Literatur (Office for Text and Literature) have played a major role in building this bridge. Many thanks to her for the wonderful cooperation - she is pleased about all contacts from the media representatives.

Und now in detail:

Bernd Wähner on Michael Wäser and his new novel »Das Wunder von Runxendorf« in
Berliner Woche, 10.01.2022

BIG THING: a TWO-PAGER on Oliver Teutsch’s novel about Hans Fallada »Die Akte Klabautermann« in
Frankfurter Rundschau, Magazin, 08.01.2022

A most inspiring portrait on the works by Louise Stomps and her cousin Vauo Stomps
Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung, 07.01.2022, finally showing the cultural engagement
of VauO’s son Hans Goswin Stomps in all its many facets – strike!

Franz-Josef Schäfer portraiting Michael Wäser
Die HEIMAT, Mitteilungen für Saarlouis, No. 4, 2021

Occasionally, it has to be said explicitly: it is very rare to read such a precise, emotionally awake review, especially of such a powerful novel, as the one by Frank Becker in his circumspect, 12.2021, on »Das Wunder von Runxendorf«: »makes its way on the same level of utmost bad as Truman Capote’s Cold Blood.«

Britta Binzer on Rudi Knoll´s wine book »Saxony Wine Prince Georg«
Die WEINfeder, 12.2021

Johannes Breckner reviews Iris Welker-Sturm´s novel »aus der stimmhaft«
Darmstädter Echo, 09.12.2021

Hauke Harder from the bookstore Almut Schmidt, Kiel, presents »Das Wunder von Runxendorf«
Leseschatz-TV, 06.12.2021

Michael Wäser – Joachim Feldmann reviews »Das Wunder von Runxendorf«, November 2021

Michael Wäser and his novel »Das Wunder von Runxendorf«, November 2021

Michael Wäser »is the grim reaper for the old fashioned village idyll of the 70´s«:, November 2021

Report about Jakob Sturm and his concept of »Orte möglichen Wohnens«:
HR Fernsehen, 26.11.2021

Report about Rudi Knoll´s book »Sachsony Wine Prince Georg«:
Sächsische Zeitung, 04.11.2021

Rudi Knoll´s winemaker Georg zur Lippe in
Vinum, 02.11.2021

Rudi Knoll´s second book on wine – Author und vintner Georg zur Lippe havin fun on
Stipvisiten, 02.11.2021

Jakob Sturms second artist book »Abschied vom Vater« reviewed by Christoph Schütte
FAZ, 27.10.2021

A publisher´s portrait directly from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 by Helen Schindler
Frankfurter Rundschau, 18.10.2021

Again among the 100 publishers in the catalog »Es geht um das Buch« from the Kurt-Wolff-Foundation:
Kurt-Wolff-Stiftung, Oktober 2021

Paula Macedo Weiß in conversation with Jürgen Boos, boss of the Frankfurt Book Fair
Frankfurter Premieren, 16.06.2021

Jakob Sturm in conversation about his second artist book »Orte möglichen Wohnens«
FAZ, 21.05.2021

Review by Michael Hierholzer of Paula Macedo Weiß »Once upon a time in Brasil«
FAZ Sonntagszeitung, 16.05.2021

Michael Wäser´s novel »Das Wunder von Runxendorf«
Die Leserkanone, 5. Mai 21

Review to Paula Macedo Weiß’s book »Once upon a time in Brasil«
JOURNAL Frankfurt, 27.04.2021

Preprint from Paula Macedo Weiß’s book »Once upon a time in Brasil«
Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin, 12.04.2021

Review of Oliver Teutsch of Helge Nyncke´s novel »Brand Marks«
Frankfurter Rundschau, 12.04.2021

In conversation with Paula Macedo Weiß´s about her book »Once upon a time in Brasil«
FAZ open house, 11.04.2021

Article about Paula Macedo Weiß and her book »Once upon a time in in Brasil« – with a preprint
FAZ Magazin, 10./11.04.2021

Review of the novel »Brand Marks« by Helge Nyncke, Dezember 2020

Portrait of Helge Nyncke
Flotte Welle, Dezember 2020

Alexander Kluy on »Victor Otto Stomps as a Writer in 4 Volumes«
Buchkultur Wien, 01.12.2020

Portrait of Helge Nyncke and his novel »Brand Marks«
Offenbach Post, 10.10.2020

Alexander Kosenina on our 4 Volume Stomps-Cassette
Sein Platz zwischen Seneca und Schiller. Eine große Edition
erschließt den Schriftsteller Victor Otto Stomps hinter dem Literaturförderer
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
, 08.07.2020

Till Schröder announces »Victor Otto Stomps as a Writer« and the 4 Volumes
Marginalien, Juni 2020

Janis Beenen awaiting
Nachlass des Literaten Stomps auf 1600 Seiten
Westdeutsche Zeitung
, 07.04.2020

Olaf Velte looking forward to our Cassette »Victor Otto Stomps as a Writer«
Frankfurter Rundschau / Taunuszeitung, 04.04.2020

Martina Jensong on »Victor Otto Stomps as a Writer«
Literarisches Denkmal für einen großen Kleinverleger
Frankfurter Neue Presse
, 02.04.2020

»Die Schwarze Kutsche« by Hans Haverkampf as a book recommendation on the
Homepage der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Bernd Wähner´s summary of Michael Wäser´s novel »In uns ist Licht«:
Berliner Woche, 19. Januar 2019 – and a reading sample

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